Call Us What We Carry

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Call Us What We Carry – Amanda Gorman

I am the first to admit that poetry is not my thing. For the most part I don’t pick it up and when I do I usually feel ‘meh’ about it. That being said, I found this book very accessible for the poetry novice and both the form and the content were intriguing and relevant to almost anyone who would pick up this book. 

Amanda Gorman’s poetry is meaningful and heartfelt in a way that readers can immediately recognize and relate to. Most of the poems in this book are reflecting on the year 2020 and the changes and harm that COVID-19 and the experience of a global pandemic had on our individual psyches, our communities, our society, nation, and global citizenry. Gorman weaves together our unique experience of 2020 with the experiences of those who came before experiencing similar circumstances but in their own particular contexts. It’s a lovely way to remember, acknowledge, and honor our own trauma while situating it within a larger global and historical context.  

I am grateful we read this book for book club this past month. We had lively and in-depth discussion and reflection about a book that was outside many of our comfort zones. I highly recommend this book to everyone. No reservations, no caveats, just a great book to pick up, read, and allow yourself to be immersed in the poetry and reminiscence of a ‘lost year.’  

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