Book Review: The Shape of Darkness

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) The Shape of Darkness – Laura Purcell

I have read several of Laura Purcell’s gothic novels and have enjoyed them all! Some were better than others but this one ranks pretty high on my list. While ‘The Silent Companions’ is my favorite this one is a solid second place.  

I adore Purcell’s ability to make the reader unsure of what is truly happening in her stories. There is always the vague feeling of insecurity for the reader and the characters alike which makes the tale creepy and unnerving (in a fantastic way!). I also love that many of Purcell’s novels end a bit unresolved and the reader is still asking questions long after they have finished the book!

In this novel, the reader hears the story of Agnes as she tells how she is trying to keep her silhouette business afloat caring for her mother and nephew while recovering from an intense illness herself. As she tells her story, her customers begin to be murdered and Agnes becomes desperate to find answers and thus comes into contact with a young girl, Pearl, who speaks to the dead. Together they become preoccupied with finding the killer(s) but, as if often the case, as they pursue their investigation more questions than answers arise. 

If you like a creepy atmospheric novel (but not particularly scary) then I highly recommend anything by Laura Purcell including ‘The Shape of Darkness!’ This one did not disappoint and I look forward to re-reading it and catching some of the little clues I missed the first time through! 

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