Book Review: The Lighthouse Witches

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) The Lighthouse Witches – C.J. Cooke 

This book must be in high demand since it currently has a 14 day max checkout at my library!! 

For me this book was an interesting mystery that utilized folklore to create atmosphere and intrigue. I was unaware that so many women were murdered as ‘witches’ in Scotland so I found the ‘history’ parts of this novel very interesting. I also enjoyed delving into the creatures of folklore from both the Scottish and Icelandic traditions, as I am unfamiliar with both.  

The story revolves around a mother, her three daughters, and their time spent on a Scottish island from which three of the four ‘disappear.’ The traditional beliefs/superstitions of the islanders provide explanations for the disappearances but also lead to further deaths and disappearances. When the non-missing daughter is informed (as an adult) that one of her sisters has been found she returns to the island to attempt to find her missing mother and other missing sister. The strange part is that the sister who was found is still a child, and it’s been over 20yrs since she went missing!!  

This story provides a number of twists and turns and I admit that there were times when I thought the traditional superstitions had to be correct interpretations of the strange happenings on the island. I was certainly pulled into the narrative, the lives and emotions of the characters, and the rich fabric of Scottish folklore and legend. This was a really fun and intriguing read!

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