Book Review: The Last Train to Key West

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) The Last Train to Key West – Chanel Cleeton

This is a perfect summer read! The setting, the characters, the time frame, all lend themselves to an intriguing story for a day spent at the beach/poolside or a lazy day spent reading outside on the porch. 

Cleeton weaves together the lives of three women who all end up in Key West during one of the worst hurricanes that has ever hit the United States. Because the story takes place in 1935 it feels atmospheric and Cleeton paints a beautiful picture of a time and place long past but also familiar. The stories of each woman are written in her own voice and the author does an excellent job of making each voice unique and believable. All three women are struggling in their personal lives for a variety of reasons but their connections to one another end up being an asset in overcoming their difficulties.

I do not read much romance literature, it’s just not my genre, but I enjoyed these women’s ‘love stories’ and if you’re looking for an historical fiction book with a touch of romance I would highly recommend this one. This book was a hit for me because it took place in an historical time and place so I learned something new while also offering an interesting and believable story about the ‘everyday women’ who lived through a devastating natural disaster and came out stronger on the other side. 

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