Book Review: Murder at Hawthorn Cottage (Melissa Craig, #1)

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3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Murder at Hawthorn Cottage (Melissa Craig, #1) by Betty Rowlands

Sometimes a book is just a nice, easy, fun read and that is precisely what this book was for me. It kept my attention without requiring much concentration to understand what was happening (which was especially nice since I read this book in airports and on a plane…so many distractions!) and the characters and plot were just complex enough to be interesting.

The premise of this first book in the Melissa Craig series is basically, a mystery writer accidentally turns detective to solve a murder mystery that happened in her quiet, country neighborhood. As Melissa is writing a new novel she gets caught up in a real-life investigation and has all kinds of minor adventures which sometimes put her life at risk. 

I have a feeling that this series may be my go-to for traveling and I look forward to picking up book two the next time I find myself getting ready for a trip! 



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