Book Review: Grave Expectations

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Grave Expectations – Heather Redmond 

As a serious fan of Charles Dickens I couldn’t pass up this Victorian mystery series. Mystery books are my go-to when I just want to cure up with a good book that sucks me in and transports me to a different time and place. This series hits all the right notes for me!

In this installment of the Dickens’ Crime series, Charles and his fiancé hit a few snags in their own relationship while simultaneously attempting to solve the murder of Charles’ upstairs neighbor. They had found her dead in her own apartment wearing an old wedding dress even though she told people she was never married which needless to say, Charles found most intriguing. 

As the mystery unfolds, Charles becomes embroiled in saving the life and reputation of the local blacksmith and his family when the blacksmith is arrested for the murder but Charles is certain of his innocence. Redmond writes a fun and interesting mystery and continues the stories of a number of Charles’ friends/colleagues who were introduced in the first book of the series.  Overall, I find these books to be fun, intriguing, and very entertaining. I look forward to picking up the next one!

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