Book Review – Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) – It was okay…

As an avid reader I am a big proponent of watching movies before reading the books they are based on. In my experience this has allowed me to enjoy both the book and the movie for what it is, even if they take wild turns from one another. 

I picked up “Dumplin’” after watching the Netflix movie by the same name. I had enjoyed the movie immensely and looked forward to diving deeper into the characters’ motivations and complexity in the book. In this instance, I have to say, I actually prefer the movie over the book. The movie distills some of the teenage drama down and allows the personal growth and friendships to be front and center while sidelining the romantic interest. It was a well done shift from the book and one I appreciate.

With that said, this was a wonderful story, well written and a good example of representation from various identities within the stereotypical teenage experience.  The foundation of the characters particularly Dumplin’ and the grounding relationships are explored with care allowing the characters to make immature choices and learn and grow from them.  What is difficult sometimes after having watched the movie first, is knowing if I actually connected to the characters in the novel, or if I just liked them so much in the movie that I liked them in the book.  I am unsure of my connection to the book’s characters, but  I do love many of Murphy’s personalities and the idiosyncrasies she gives them.

Overall, a book I didn’t mind reading, but honestly I would recommend watching the movie first and maybe only…

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