Book Review: A House of Ghosts

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) A House of Ghosts – W.C. Ryan 

As far as British mystery novels go, this one is a solid 4/5 stars. Super entertaining and a little spooky along with a low-key romance between the primary characters/investigators. 

This mystery takes place during WWI when a wealthy ordnance manufacturer invites a group of people to his magnificent home located on an isolated island for a séance in order to speak with lost sons and brothers. The group is made up of a variety of interesting characters, two mediums to host the séance, the Lord and Lady of the manor, their daughter and her lover, a medical doctor, and of course the two main investigators, Donovan and Kate (along with a few others). This unlikely group of visitors witness ghosts moving about the house, loved ones long dead speaking through living individuals during seances, physical attacks, and murder!  

W.C. Ryan does a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere of intrigue and tension throughout this book which he maintains right up to the very end. If you like a good ghost story that is atmospheric without being super scary, this is the mystery novel for you. The chapters are wonderfully short so you can read just a bit at a time or simply plow through (like I did) and always feel like you’re making progress. For me, this was simply a good, fun, mystery that transplanted me into another time and place where ghosts are real and everyone comes armed to a leisurely weekend on an isolated island retreat. 😉 

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