August: The Dog days of Summer…Reading

I love August!! I feel nostalgic about August every time it rolls around. I love savoring the ‘end’ of summer with the ridiculously hot weather (it was over 100 degrees with heat index here the last 4-5 days!) and saying “goodbye” to another summer. I love the anticipation of the start of a new school year and a new football season as the weather turns cooler and there is a fresh crispness in the air. Everyone who knows me will tell you that autumn is by far my favorite time of year, the weather, the leaves, the colors, the cozy sweaters….everything! I LOVE the fall and as August ends I begin thinking about decorating my house with pumpkins, mums, sunflowers, and all things autumn!

I think it is this sense of nostalgia that subconsciously influences my reading choices in August. By the time August roles around, I seem to be exhausted by all of the important and substantial reading I’ve been doing and so I have a tendency to take a ‘reading break’ in August and give myself permission to re-read books that I love. Two years ago this August, I read Jurassic Park and The Lost World, last year I ended up reading the entire Harry Potter series and this year I read The Lord of the Rings. These books sweep me away to another world where I can live with my heroins/heroes for awhile knowing that my reality will be there, waiting for me to return, at the end of August.

Enjoy these last few days of summer and if you have the opportunity, read something you love over this coming holiday weekend. Be present in the moment with a beloved book as we say ‘farewell’ to the summer of 2018 and welcome the beginning of autumn.

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