A sisters’ dialogue: Seriously, Self Reliance?! an Introduction

A Key… 

Orange = Haddi
Purple = Hannah
Black = Ralph Waldo Emerson
Green = Jorge translation

An Introduction:

Hannah and I are part of an Obama Book Club on Facebook and the book we read for January was actually an essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson entitled, Self-Reliance. Many of you may have heard of or read this essay for school (I believe Hannah read it in college why yes I did!) but this was my introduction to Emerson and while I can (at least partially) get on board with his main premise, I found more things ‘wrong’ (ooh so very very wrong) with this essay than ‘right.’ As Hannah and I were discussing the essay over the phone it became clear that while we agree about all of the things ‘wrong’ with this essay we come at those problems from very different perspectives (Haddi’s: reasoned and reflective feminist historian, mine: hater of all things…) thus, we decided to try a ‘dialogue blog’ as a way to change things up a bit, unpack some of these issues, and hopefully have a little fun while doing it. 

Also, when I asked my husband, George to proofread the first of these dialogue blogs, he mentioned that the Emerson quotes were difficult to understand without the full essay for context so I will include the Jorge translation of each Emerson quote (thank goodness someone is making him intelligible). Hopefully, these ‘translations’ will make it easier for you all to figure out what the heck Hannah and I are talking about without having to read Emerson’s entire essay! 😉 You’re welcome! 

So…..HERE WE GO! Our first Squabble begins tomorrow…

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