Battle 2017



# Title Author
44 The House of Silk Horowitz, Anthony
43 Skipping Christmas Grisham, John
42 A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles
41 The Devil in the White City Larson, Erik
40 The Wise Woman Gregory, Phillipa
39 The Hamilton Affair Gobbs, Elizabeth
38 The Portrait of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar
37 Legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving, Washington
36 Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
35 Wuthering Heights Bronte, Charlotte
34 Frankenstein Shelley, Mary
33 Dracula Stoker, Bram
32 Ramesses: Egypt’s Great Pharaoh Tyldesley, Joyce
31 Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane
30 The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald, F. Scott
29 Hadassah: One Night with the King Tenney, Tommy
28 The Last Tudor Gregory, Phillipa
27 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowling, J.K.
26 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Rowling, J.K.
25 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Rowling, J.K.
24 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Rowling, J.K.
23 Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J.K.
22 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling, J.K.
21 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Rowling, J.K.
20 The Other Queen Gregory, Phillipa
19 Lady of the English Chadwick, Elizabeth
18 The Confessions of Young Nero George, Margaret
17 The Greatest Knight Chadwick, Elizabeth
16 Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto Adichie, Chiamanda Ngozi
15 Lives of Roman Christian Women Multiple authors of primary course, Penguin Classiscs
14 Being Mortal Gawande, Atul
13 Sister Outsider Lorde, Audre
12 A Place Beyond Courage Chadwick, Elizabeth
11 Women and Gender in Islam Ahmed, Leila
10 Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane
9 The Swan Theives Kostova, Elizabeth
8 When God was a Woman Stone, Merlin
7 The Autumn Throne Chadwick, Elizabeth
6 Beyond God the Father Daly, Mary
5 One Hundred Years of Solitude Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
4 Cleopatra the Great: The Woman Behind the Legend Fletcher, Joann
3 The Confessions of X Wolfe, Suzanne E.
2 Queen Hereafter Fraser King, Susan
1 The Historian Kostova, Elizabeth
# Title Author
59 The Sun and Her Flowers Kaur, Rupi
58 Parable of the Talents Butler, Octavia E.
57 Ready Player One Cline, Ernest
56 The Fault in Our Stars Green, John
55 It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens Boyd, Danah
54 We Were Eight Years in Power Coates, Ta-Nehisi
53 Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy Sandberg, Sheryl
52 Letters to a Young Poet Rilke, Rainer Maria
51 Waking Up White Irving, Debby
50 Brown Girl Dreaming Woodson, Jacqueline
49 Addiction and Grace May, Gerald G.
48 Black Panther by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 Priest, Christopher J.
47 The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity Perel, Esther
46 Between the World and Me Coates, Ta-Nehisi (twice)
45 Stone Butch Blues Feinberg, Leslie
44 The Red Pencil Pinkney, Andrea Davis
43 Parable of the Sower Butler, Octavia E.
42 The Help Stockett, Kathryn
41 The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald, F. Scott
40 The Singing Croggon, Alison
39 Assholes: A Theory James, Aaron
38 Wonder Palacio, R.J.
37 The Underground Railroad Whitehead, Colson
36 The Final Act of Living Karnes, Barbara
35 The Crow Croggon, Alison
34 The Girl Who Drank the Moon Barnhill, Kelly
33 Rising Strong Brown, Brene
32 The Riddle Croggen, Alison
31 The Interior Castle Teresa of Avila
30 Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice Parker, Willie
29 The Naming Croggon, Alison
28 Netherland O’Neill, Joseph
27 The Zimzum of Love Bell, Rob
26 The Best American Essays 2016 Franzen, Jonathan
25 Sister Outsider Lorde, Audre
24 The Dark Night of the Soul May, Gerald G.
23 Return of the Dapper Men McCann, Jim
22 The Handmaid’s tale Atwood, Margaret
21 Whiskey Words & a Shovel II Sin, r.h.
20 The Circle Eggers, Dave
19 Being Mortal Gawande, Atul
18 The Hate U Give Thomas, Angie
17 Man’s Search for Meaning Frankl, Viktor E.
16 Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions Adichie, Chimamanda
15 Song of Solomon Morrison, Toni
14 The Friendship of Women Chittister, Joan D.
13 Women and Gender in Islam Ahmed, Leila
12 All the Gallant Men Stratton, Donald
11 Milk and Honey Kaur, Rupi
10 The Devil in the White City Larson, Erik
9 One Hundred Years of Solitude Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
8 Citizen: An American Lyric Rankine, Claudia
7 Born a Crime Noah, Trevor
6 The Princess Saves Herself in this One lovelace, amanda
5 Hope in the Dark Solnit, Rebecca
4 Bipolar Faith Coleman, Monica A.
3 One Thousand White Women Fergus, Jim
2 Daring Greatly Brown, Brene
1 Stories of Your Life and Others Chiang, Ted